Popeye's Birthday

Happy Birthday Dad!! (so I'm a few days late, but that key lime pie I made you makes up for it...right?) :)

You might be wondering where "Popeye"comes in...well allow me to explain. 3 1/2 years ago, my oldest niece, Molly, was born, so my parents and anyone interested thought about the right names for them to be called by all the grandchildren to come. We deliberately thought about this, because we all know that what the oldest ones start calling them become their lifelong titles. Well 'Oma and Opa' is what my grand-parents were called so that was out, 'Grandma & Grandpa' didn't suit, we just aren't a 'grand-daddy & grand-mommy' family...so they got creative. My Dad decided he would go by "Papa Jay" (Jay being his first name) and my Mom decided on "Grand-Nan" (Nan short for her name Nancy). Hah - who can guess what happened - despite all the efforts to "decide" on a name rather than let happen, Papa Jay got shortened/combined to Popeye, which has inevitably stuck, as has Nana come out of Grand-Nan. So Popeye & Nana it is. :) And its funny now, that there couldn't be any other names that fit them better. ;)

Dad, I am thrilled to have you close for the 1st half of this new year and plan to soak up all the time before you and Mom head back to Germany. Get that guest room ready though, b/c you can guarantee Eric and I will be visiting you every chance we get! I love you very much and am thankful for everything you've sacrificed for us. You are such a wonderful Dad and now you are a Popeye, steering the next generation of your children towards a life lived by the Lord's grace! We are all so blessed to have you in our lives.

Prime example of his involved parenting (now grand-parenting) -> 'Airplane' doesn't work at meal time anymore? Just let them give you a bite as you give them one and all of a sudden, it's the best activity of the day! Leave it to Dad to be creative...Look at the ball Molly is having! ;)

Love you lots, Dad

hmm...now I know why we named you Popeye; we just have a knack for unique nicknames, huh? Fine by me. ;)


johnandkatie said...

Great blog entry Bets! I love that picture of Dad and Molly!

The Shillings said...

Thanks Kate! :) Be sure to send me the link when you post yours at Bethany... :)

Papa Jay said...

By seeing Molly get the fun of devouring some tatsy food you get to see a little of life with Happy B at age 3....it was so much fun! lots of smiles....for all 4 of you!
i loved it too.

Papa Jay said...


"Molto bene."

"Mille Grazia."