Official Diagnosis

Many of you know I have been battling some pretty awful symptoms over the last 7-10 months and last month discovered why! My body was crying out for more thyroid hormone production. My own thyroid was not producing enough for my body to function 'normally' so my TSH level confirmed severe HYPOthyroidism. Well, I went to the Dr to re-test everything yesterday, and am thankful to report that after 6 weeks on medication, I am much closer to balancing it all out! The doctor did tell me, though, that I tested positive for having destructive anti-bodies which attack my thyroid (great isn't it?) so I have officially been diagnosed as having "Hashimoto's Thyroiditis." I test again in 8 weeks. If there was a way to have blood work done, without actually having to give blood, I would be all over it. Maybe having it taken every few weeks/months will make it more routine, less dramatic. I have fainted/passed out one too many times already - it's getting old! Plus, it is so psychological and that is what irritates me! I never had this problem until I gave blood for the first time (correction: only time...thanks to living in mad-cow country for too long). I was 18...since then, it doesn't matter whether it is wisdom teeth gauze, a scrape from a softball game, or needle transferring my blood into a test tube, it's all bad news. You are bleeding? No problemo. I'm bleeding?!? Quick, where can I lie down because everything is fading into darkness and I don't feel so good...you think I'm kidding.

Anyway, the whole process of learning about my thyroid has made me so in awe of how the body functions in perfect harmony. It is just mind-boggling how much the thyroid affects. Such a tiny body part impacts seemingly every area of proper body function! If you have no clue what I am talking about, then just take this moment to be thankful for healthy thyroxine and triiodothyronine levels. What we take for granted is another mind-boggling concept...but that is a discussion for another time. For now, thanks for being interested/reading about my thyroid.


Josh 'n Katie said...

you're getting closer to normal levels! that's awesome!

and to reward myself for being poked and prodded- I always hit Cook Out for a Heath milkshake on the way home- works to keep me in the chair vs running for the door :)

The Shillings said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Katie! I like your Heath-bar milkshake from cook-out idea - I LOVE those! A teaspoon of sugar makes the medicine go down, right?! Or I guess in this case, a teaspoon of sugar makes the patient stay conscious & cooperative. :)

Josh 'n Katie said...

Betsy! I bought a butternut squash today! I'm excited to try to make it tomorrow! Josh has delcared he won't eat it- but no squash, no cookie!
yes, do try the milkshake idea and hopefully it'll work!

Our life.... said...

oh wow betsy, glad the docs are figuring out how to help, praying you continue to feel better and your levels get even more normal!