My sister's bun in the oven...wait, bun or croissant?

French bakeries are my nemesis. And by nemesis, I mean, favorite place in the whole world. Except not really the whole world. But close.

From the moment we walked into Le Panier (right by Pike Place Market...if ever in Seattle, do not make the mistake of missing out!), my nostrils were filled with the aroma of buttery, sweet, warm breads and croissants and their perfect compliment - creamy, milky lattes being served. Naturally, I could not contain my excitement, so Katie started laughing at me and glanced around for anyone who might be staring at her totally enraptured (and not being quiet about it) sister groaning at how she missed fresh bread and pastries and how much she was about to ENJOY whatever she got. Was it possible to just take everything displayed to go? No? Fine. A decision had to be made...ultimately, the almond croissant will always hold my heart and I had to obey its desires.
It is the one covered in toasted sliced almonds and powdered sugar...the bottom right....Mmm....
The buttery, sweet croissant and creamy, rich latte went together like lamb and tuna feesh. Perhaps you prefer the analogy of spaghetti and meatbol? Er, nevermind...the bottom line, people, is that the whole experience was ABSOLUTELY LOVELY. The world's perfect start to the day. And who better to enjoy with than my dearest sister, wonderful brother-in-law, and newest niece/nephew.

That's right!! Katie is expecting a beautiful little baby, whom I cannot wait to treat as my own, due this spring! It made for such a sweet visit, I soaked up every second. The new mama is looking so great, you can't even tell in my pictures (except the one below) that she has a little bundle of joy growing in her tummy, but let me assure you: I rubbed and kissed her belly all weekend long and let that little baby hear my voice and sweet prayers for her/his development. Grow healthy and strong in there, we can't wait to meet you!

Since I helped convince her to post such an adorable pic on facebook, I think I am allowed to put it on here too...who wouldn't want to share this cute preggers!

I miss the baby already. I miss his/her mama too.


Papa Jay said...

I miss all 3 seatle-ites too.

Anonymous said...

Aww how cute! Your sis looks adorable with her little baby belly. I'm glad you had such a nice time with her! xoxo tiff