Visit to Florida

Sophia took her first long road-trip this month! We drove 9 hours in the car, down to Jacksonville, FL for a Parrett side family get-together. Sophia got to meet her great-grandpa Parrett, DeDe, Aunt Sandy, Uncle Pepe, Aunt Kari, Megan & Joe, Jena, and of course spend more time with Uncle Donnie and Mimi & Pops. It was very special to have 4 generations together...next time we'll remember to take a picture of the whole group!
We had a blast staying with Aunt Sandy/Uncle Pepe and getting to hang out at Aunt Kari's beachside condo that she rented.

Ready for a game (or 68 games) of peek-a-boo...to stay entertained? :)

She continues to love her "daisy" cow lovie...so sweet.

getting her diaper changed and stretching out a little at a rest stop...she really did so well being content for the most time in her car seat! she didn't nap that much, but out of the 9 hrs, less than 1/2 - 1 hr was spent fussing/crying! we thought that was doing GREAT! She is at such a fun age, where she can really engage in being read books, playing peek-a-boo, being sung to, tickling, playing with a rattle or teether....she LOVES when someone sits in the back with her and keeps her company!

Meeting everyone was a little overwhelming...she was her usual sweet-dispositioned self, but a little more reserved that usual, just trying to take in all the new smells and surroundings away from home

Aunt Sandy getting some smiles while Jena was sweet to hold her

Meeting her great-grandpa Parrett! What a special memory! Before we know it, she'll be trading in that bikini for a snow suit and learning how to ski out in Colorado with her Great-Grandpa!

First time in the big pool! It was so fun; wish we had one to go to in NC!

Doing gymnastics....no, just kidding. Everyone was attempting to defy gravity and physics instead...

What a fun family to be part of and spend time with!


Katie said...

glad family time was so fun! i love your 'her usual sweet-dispositioned self' :) Sophia I think your Mommy is in LOOVE with you! xoxo
Aren't' we all though?