5 Months!

It feels like I am updating another month birthday every other day...it is crazy. Sophia is literally changing and learning before our eyes! I didn't think I would notice the growth as much since I see her every day but it is so apparent to me on a daily/ weekly basis just how big my baby is getting!

*One of our biggest milestones between 4-5 months has been cutting two bottom teeth! They are sharp!

*She is great at grabbing toys, hair, fingers, shirts, anything! and bringing them up to her mouth

*very aware! has become distracted while nursing...has to quiet or she will turn her head to pay attention to what is going on/sound rather than eating

*still sleeping through the night gloriously. (teething has thankfully not affected sleep or mood) we feel so blessed by her great sleep! still taking 3+ naps depending on the day...usually a morning and afternoon nap lasting 1.5 - 2.5 hr and then another 45 min cat nap to get her to bedtime

*we stopped swaddling before naps/bed on her 5 month birthday! she still loves to cuddle and be tucked close, but our double-swaddle "aka straight jacket" is no longer necessary...

*eats 5 times a day, usually 7a, 10:30a, 2p, 5p, and 7:30p at bedtime

*nothing sweeter than her laughter and giggles. loves zerberts and raspberries and thinks its HILARIOUS when you breathe like darth vadar :) no idea why but we do it for the joy of her giggling!

*blows raspberries A LOT and due to teething, drools like crazy. amazing she gets in enough fluids to produce that much drool!

*smiles and laughs when Eric plays guitar and sings to her

*starting to sit up on her own! still have the leaning tower of pisa thing going on so we have to stay very close, but she is getting stronger!

*continues to add new sounds and 'vocab' sounds all the time. currently pulls her mouth down like a platypus and says, "blar, blar, blar, blar" it is adorable. she has also said "mamamamama" twice! ah! the day is coming when she associates and knows me by name!

*with help can roll back to tummy and tummy to back but just isn't that interested in being mobile. would rather chew on a teething toy or her hands and stare at objects above her

*she found her feet! grabs her toes and pulls them up in the air

Sophia - you are joy to us every day! We can't get enough of you!


Katie said...

Love this girl! She is getting SO big! What a treasure to be able to watch her grow in front of your eyes. I think her eyes twinkle too. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!! She gets prettier and prettier by the month!! She is such a doll--a perfect blend of you and Eric! I can't wait to meet her someday. You should video tape her giggles and her "blar, blar, blar" that would be hilarious. Love you! -Rebekah