Celebrating 6 years!

Eric and I celebrated 6 years of marriage on July 2nd....what a lot to rejoice over this year! My parents graciously babysat Sophia all day so that Eric and I could go on what we called our 'interval dating' (which meant going out to do things/eat but having to be home every 3 hours for Sophia to eat) :)
We started the day with breakfast at Ollie's bakery (YUM) and ate our croissants & coffee while playing disc golf. Then we came home, Sophia ate, we got cleaned up and then went to Proximity Hotel (Printworks Bistro) for lunch (MAJOR yum). Then we came home to feed Sophia. We were going to go back out so we could catch a movie matinee but the timing just wasn't lining up so we decided to go to a 9 pm showing since we knew Sophia would already be down for the night at that point. In order to prepare for our late night showing, Eric and I both took an afternoon nap, which was great! :) Then we had dinner with Mom & Dad, popped in the wedding video and reminisced about a fun wedding week. Both of us said though, for how fun the wedding was, the relaxing week in Mexico for the honeymoon definitely was what we would want to do again. Who needs to renew their vows when you can take a 2nd honeymoon?
Then off to the theater where we watched Transformers in 3D (very cool) and munched on popcorn. It was so fun to be out to a movie!
It was different than any other anniversary celebration but we had a blast and are so thankful as to WHY we didn't go away somewhere this year. We are so happy to have Sophia join the family we created 6 years ago and what we really started 9 years ago (when we started dating). We can't wait to see what the next year holds, but we can't imagine how the next 12 months could be any better than the last 12 months!

Here are some shots of our anniversaries over the years...

the day we became our own little family...

the dream honeymoon...who wouldn't want to go back HERE?!

celebrating 1 year in NY

2 years at the beach in FL

Hmm....I can't find our pics of 3rd year anniversary - we rented a beautiful cabin near Boone, NC. It was lovely.

4 years in Italy, Switzerland, Paris, Germany...that was another nice trip I'd like to re-create soon :)

celebrating 5 years at Grove Park Inn...technically Sophia was with us here :)

And here we are this year, out to go play disc golf! Eric, you are the love of my life and will always be so thankful for you!


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Happy 6 years! And I know a post is coming soon about Eric's birthday fun! :)
PS Sophia looks like she has a mohawk in the top pic!! :) Cute!