Playdate with Zach

Sophia has a very special friend, Zach! We love him very much! They get to hang out a lot but we don't have many pictures of them together yet. Glad we took a few last week! Zach and Sophia have been destined to be good buddies....the Lord brought them into the world on the same day in the most amazing, unbelievable story of grace.

Also, it is so fun to see them both growing to be so healthy and *ahem* "sturdy". Zach and Sophia weigh about the same, both in the 90% percentile for their age and wearing 9-12 mo clothing as 5 month olds. I love it!! Two peas in a pod!

They were being so sweet sitting together, holding hands... :)

And one more because they are both just so darn cute!


Katie said...

<3 so sweet <3