It is complete! And boy does it look AWESOME! Eric and his Dad put in a lot of work last week...and it has really paid off!!! We hired a great guy off Craigslist to dig the posts (and whew! that was sooo worth it!) then Eric & Marty got to it putting up the boards. Debbie, my Dad, and I all jumped in various times to help as well.

Now we can look forward to Sophia having a fenced in yard as she grows...she can go in and out of the side door without us worrying, and who knows...maybe a pup is in our future? *clearing throat* Eric?

My garden is now protected from neighbor dogs, rabbits (maybe not entirely, but at least much more so!), deer, and various other intruders.

Here are some before, during, and after pics. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

IT LOOKS GREAT!! I'm so glad it's finished. Good father-son bonding time too :)