From one end of the country one week to the opposite end of it the next week....

Maria and I had a great weekend together doing what we do best: talking for hours, eating, and soaking up every minute together that we could! We got up for the sunrise on Sat. morning...it was gloriously beautiful!! We figured why not start the day at 5:40 am together rather than "wasting" 4-5 hrs sleeping in? :) Best friends would do anything for each other, right?

After getting some breakfast, we went to walk around the green market and bought some of the world's best guacamole - seriously, it was oh so good. Then, cappuccinos at an outside restaurant on Palm Beach!

Could this day get any better? Oh yes it could!

As beautiful as the day's weather started off, it turned into a rainy afternoon....but what a perfect excuse for a movie and snacks! (enter guacamole)

Later, we went hot tubbing under the stars and an almost full moon...it was really cool to start and end the day in awe of nature's breath-taking beauty.

The time with Maria was as always, too short!! Working on getting another weekend together scheduled soon!

Sidenote: another fun aspect of the weekend was being back in the city Eric and I fell in love together...so many memories there: our engagement dinner, the church we got married in, "setting up house" as a newly married couple in our first apartment...can't believe that was almost 5 yrs ago already...


Maria said...

Oh how great it was to see you! I love you!

Anonymous said...

5 years...so true...i remember too. aww...glad you had fun. i liked your guys "date" night esp watching twilight...haha. nice! xoxo