I'm not even sure I could express in words how wonderful my trip to Seattle last week was...just wanted to smuggle Katie & Luca in my suitcase coming home! Luca is just the coolest ever - the most laid back, HAPPY person you could meet! You can't be sad when you are around him, his smile and laugh are contagious. Katie posted on her blog too, but at the indian restaurant we went to, the waiter asked if we were twins...we'd like to think we are twins just three years apart. :)

The view on a walk around their neighborhood...literally RIGHT outside their doorstep...not so bad on the eyes, eh? The beauty of mountains always blows me away.

Felt like spring break coming from all the snow in Greensboro to THIS! Gorgeous blossoms!

Love these two so much

Luca LOVES bathtime...he is so fun to watch kick and swim...definitely not afraid of the water! :)

These smiles make ME smile. :)


Rebekah said...

Aaahhh!! So cute!! I love all these pictures. I can't believe how big Luca is getting and he's super cute in the tub :) And I still think he looks so much like your dad. Also, love the mountains and flowers. How I miss that landscape and the colors. Spring is coming! Love you!

Josh 'n Katie said...

he looks like Katie! what a sweet little boy! I want to meet him!!

AdamsTarheels said...

Glad you had a good time

Jennifer said...

Luca makes me SMILE!!!!!!!! He is absolutely precious!!!

Anonymous said...

ohh he IS so cute! & getting big! I'm SO glad you got to out there for a visit. I'm glad it made you smile! xo tiff