WOW! (From Eric)

So.....yeah.....we're here and I'm not sure where this is. As Betsy mentioned in the last post from the moment we stepped off the plane there were so many senses that were overloaded. From sorrow, guilt, confusion, anxiety, you name it I felt it.
Today, Monday the 29th, we probably covered the entire V-City, not by foot or in car like one would think, but on the back of a motorbike. The only way I can explain how crazy this would be is to paint you a quick picture of how traffic works here. Picture with me 4 cars driving down the street, two on one side, two on the other. All cars are going the same speed as another and no one is impatient about getting to their destination.....Yeah that's not what it's like here! So there are three cars side by side with two motorcycles acting as wing men, a bicycle in between each car and the random old man walking in the middle of the street...did I mention there were multiple random cows and dogs there. Ok that is what the streets look like before the sun comes up. After that, I couldn't quite tell you because there was so much smog that my eyes were burning from trying to watch my life flash before my eyes. Now let me point out that this is a 45 minute ride of terror that we did 3 times!!! Yup 3! Amazingly enough if really is beautiful to watch. The fact that with all of this chaos going on, it actually looks like a bunch of figure skaters dancing to a planned script where each one knows when to duck, slide, and zig so that the others can gracefully move to their next position. The most important thing for everyone to remember, this means you worry warts, is that Betsy and I are safe and we were able to see parts of the city that most tourists wouldn't even think of walking down.
All in all it has been a wonderful visit. We were able to meet with the rail boys this morning and then get a quick nap before heading back to the Pink House to see the slum children. It was moving to hear them pray over us. We then had a wonderfully authentic Indian dinner, where we were treated as guests of honor. The family then asked us to pray over them before we headed back to our hotel.
In His wonderful hands of protection,
P.S. Yes we have AC and it has been DELIGHTFUL! Thanks for all the prayers!!!


Rebekah said...

Eric--I am so SO glad you're alive and that you didn't pee your pants on the motorcycle. Or did you?? I can just barely begin to imagine the traffic there. It seems that even if one person doesn't dodge another just in time before another slams on his brakes--all would be one huge pile up, with a cow on top. Wow. But otherwise, I'm praying that God gives you inexplanable strength and health each day and you'll be able to show His love to all the people you come into contact with.

Erika said...

Eric, your blog made me laugh quite a few times. I could totally picture you telling the story. And, it made me miss the two of you even more. I am praying for you both. Lots of love, Erika
PS - I guess you've finally found something a little scarier than the driveway in NC for our summer trip!

borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

I hope you are not driving a motorcycle. Why aren't you taking a taxi? I feel like of scared now. I will be praying even harder than I was:) I got your awesome package today, Bets! Thanks so much. Please pay the extra money and take a taxi! I am sure I sound like you annoying big sister but well, I guess am:) I love you both!, Katie

Debbie said...

Eric, What a great experience to help you trust your Heavenly Father. Worry - who worries? I've been praying for safety for you and will continue to do so! Love you, Mom

Mary Katherine said...

So thrilled that you are there safely and that you're soaking it all in and pouring so much back out! Everytime I hear a train in the distance here in Greensboro I think of the two of you with those children. Continued prayers for both of you and for the ones who are blessed to come to know you (and HIM) throughout the remainder of this journey. Lots of love and prayers for you!

Josh 'n Katie said...

What a spring break you're having Eric!!! Your lovely wife is giving you quite a tour, I imagine! Nice description of the traffic, btw. I am picture you typing all this out on your iphone and know it can't be easy. Thanks for the lengthy post.
So thankful you have AC- so thankful for your protection and God's provision. Keep the updates coming!
Love J&K

jay said...

"WoW" to you too Eric...Many are praying for you both you as you reach out touching others with His love.

Our life.... said...

Praying for you 2! thanks for all the updates! what an experience yall are having together!