First hiccup...

Well, we have made it all the way to... the Greensboro airport tar-mac. Our flight is through Newark and as usual Newark has delays! Admitedly I have an unfairly prejudiced opinion of NJ all based on their impossible airport. If only they would prove me wrong the next time I fly through there! Right now we are 2 hrs behind schedule, over an hour of which we have been seated in our sardine can airplane.
We are staying positive despite that technically we have been in travel mode for 3 hrs and we still aren't more than 10 miles from our house. Thankful that we had a long layover planned in Newark, hopefully we will still have the time we need to make our international flight connection.
Eric is napping and I am well blogging. duh. In a min though, I will be settling into my book "3 Cups of Tea" and trying not to wish that I had packed some cheezits or goldfish to snack on.
India here we come...even if I have to swim there myself! :)


Leigh Anne and Josh said...

Have fun! Be safe! Funny story about planes: I was flying back from Atlanta to Charlotte. Josh had to drive to get me. We pushed off from the gate and I went to sleep! I woke up, and we hadn't even taken off yet. Josh was already there to pick me up and we hadn't even left yet! Needless to say, Josh wasn't to happy with me or the airline!

jay said...

Glad you don't have to swim...soon it will be sleepy-time.