sweet memories to keep

Every day Sophia does things and says things that I don't want to forget. I am not often good at getting it down "on paper" (blog in this case), but there are a few things she has done that I want to make sure I can read later.

1) When we were on our way down to FL to visit Maria, Sophia's ears started hurting on our descent. She started crying and pulling at one in particular and I did my best to comfort her and coax her into taking drinks of water to relieve pressure. I pulled the puffs out (which we never have on hand at the house any more but I bought as a special travel snack since she still loves them) and told her to try one, that it would help her ear feel better. She so trustingly proceeded to take one from my hand and stuff it in the hurting ear. She looked back at me with the expression on her face, "Mom, this is NOT helping!!!" I couldn't help but start cracking up and how cute she is - she did exactly what I instructed. Thankfully as soon as we landed, she was fine and other than those 15 min, she enjoyed sitting with me on the flights up and back.

2) I will quite often comment on how sweet she is, that I can't handle how cute "Cici" is (Sophia's self-given nickname), and I'll ask her, "who's the cutest/sweetest/most beautiful girl in the whole world??" and then I'll say "SOPHIA is!" well on one occasion, I asked her, "who's the cutest in the whole world??" and sophia exclaimed with a beaming smile, "MAMA!" and I melted.

3) She loves Marzell and chases him around the house with her hand resting on his back (occasionally gripping fur if he is moving quickly) She is being gentle but Marzell isn't the biggest fan understandably... it looks like she is a horse trainer with a reluctant participant. :) If he even gives her a warning tap (he has only scratched her skin once since we try to keep her away from him safety wise), she will get her feelings VERY hurt and cry hard even if it was just a tap of his paws or threat. We frequently tell her the kitty needs a break and if you mention a break in any other context, she will bring him up by meowing.

4) she loves to run naked through the house (or at least diaper less). super normal for kids, also super entertaining. it is hard not to take unlimited pictures of her cute little dimpled bottom!!

5) she doesn't like messes and keeps me accountable! if there is a spill or marzell leaves a mess or i mean practically a stray crumb, she will point and say 'uh-oh, uh-oh' until it is a) acknowledged b) cleaned up even if she has to try to take matters into her own hands. not to say our house is spotless AT ALL but she does keep me in check with obvious messes

6) although it is getting less and less, Sophia has gone through a phase where the sound of a truck, loud van, mail truck, UPS, garbage truck, etc passing out on the street is scary and will run into my arms for safety. We go look out the window so I can show her it is outside on the street, but the loud noise and usually squeaky brakes seem to unnerve her. I don't want her to be afraid per se, but a fear of traffic/cars or at least an awareness isn't a bad thing in my mind

7) conversely, if an airplane is overhead, even if we are inside, her eyes widen with excitement, she points to the sky and yells airplane! "AIRPANE!" she absolutely loves airplanes, airports, and anything to do with them. I counted that she has been on 20 different flights at 20 months old so maybe it is an exposure thing :)

8) She is in LOVE with the moon "moon", stars "dar", and sunshine "shunshine" these days. If it is day time, she points out the sunshine, if it is cloudy, the sun is at work "wwwwork", and the stars & moon are "night, night". she knows that if it is night, the stars/moon are out and tries to find them and the sunshine has gone "night, night". it is fun having her so interested in exploring nature

9) When asked where Daddy is during the day, he is at work "wwwwork" - really draws the w sound out. She also cocks her head to the side and says it with a frown/furrowed brow. Now, whenever anyone or anything is out of sight, it is at work.

More later....just a few I had to catch before I forget and everything changes so quickly....