Fall Global Celebration - Popeye visits!

Eric and I have had a full week at our church's global missions conference the past 9 days. We were so blessed by being part of it.... this year as MISSIONARIES! Most of you are well aware of the fact that we are raising support to serve at Black Forest Academy in Germany starting fall 2013! We are so excited and this week confirmed a lot for us. Though it isn't really up and running yet, our ministry blog will be shillingsatbfa.blogspot.com - stay tuned for updates beginning soon!

While I was at meetings during the day (and Eric was at work), Sophia got to hang out with Popeye! She LOVED being with him and was sad to see him go home on Thurs! Popeye has a way of bonding with each of his grandkids and it is so special to see their relationship deepen with each visit. Here are a few pics at the park together. I didn't get too many pictures this visit because most of his time was her was sans Mama! She went to him with open arms and not looking back, which made it stress-free for me to be away. Thanks for all the fun times and special treats this week, Popeye!