Pigtails & Boots

Sophia's hair has really gotten long - I am finally starting to do fun hair-do's with it! As long as I have Elmo on, she is content to sit and let me mess with it....braids, pigtails, pony tail, half up, etc.

AND as I pulled out her winter shoes, she instantly fell in love with these rain boots! they are still way too big but it does not deter her from putting them on (usually the wrong feet) and wearing them around the house! We have let her wear them outside in the rain and I know they will come in so handy as her feet grow into them! Thanks for letting us borrow them, Aunt Tiffany! :)


Katie said...

Soph looks like she has 'the walk' down! And we know she's super stylish with those rain boots and pig tails!! xoxo Sophia!