Happy Halloween from our little lioness!

Sophia had SO much fun trick-or-treating this year! We went with some friends this year - Sophia learned the ropes from "Dorothy" who is 5 yrs old. :) I'm not normally a halloween fan at ALL but I have to admit I had a lot of fun this year! 

 I added a big pink bow to her "mane" so everyone would know she was a girl lion :) She picked out the pink pumpkin bucket herself and would not let go even when it got so heavy that she had to drag it behind her. :)

 I love her little grin to her friend, J, like "is this the best night or WHAT? this is going to be awesome!"

 anyone noticing me sneaking a little taste between houses?

she was VERY excited about all her treats and proud of all she had accumulated and Mama was proud that she politely said thank you at each house! I have to document and admit that we were the parents who only let her have ONE treat on the way home (and even then, Mama selected a mini bag of pretzels! how cruel!) but the next morning, I did let her pick a sweet treat and she thoroughly enjoyed a little gummy hamburger (of all things to pick?) She has a few items left in her bucket that periodically we will revisit.... :) Eric and I have enjoyed a few pieces ourselves too...


Anonymous said...

What a cutie! Since she can't count, she won't know how many pieces you've had...