Tiffany & Kevin's visit

Tiffany and Kevin came to visit for a long weekend this past Thurs-Sun. It was so great to see them and spend time together! We enjoyed going out to Mellow Mushroom pizza, playing cards, munching on yummy snacks, and Tiff and I went to a cooking class together (at the same Tea room she threw my baby shower at). We learned how to use tea in our cooking and even practiced incorporating what we learned for dinner that night! The highlight of Sophia's weekend was that Tiff/Kev brought their sweet dog, Buddy. He made her smile, laugh, and light up all day. :) I think a doggie is in our girl's future! She just needs to learn the sentence, "doggie please, daddy?" and we'll see how long it takes.... :) 

 blurry, but she is going in for a kiss....so cute. Buddy was so sweet allowing her to be all up in his face and following him around all day. :)

 This smile says, "I love Buddy! He's the best!"

Contemplating whether he will allow her another kiss... ? :)

Thanks so much for coming, Tiff & Kevin! We love you guys!