A few videos

Here are two videos of Sophia lately....

first is her being the cheerful little helper that she is! She is helping me dust and LOVES to be involved in anything I am doing...cleaning, cooking, laundry, vacuuming - it is really fun! (except when I am handling raw chicken or a hot pan! then it is hard to distract her from trying to help)


Helping me unload the dishwasher (by climbing in, naturally...)

Another video - Sophia's verbal skills are growing! I caught a few words/sounds on video this morning...she still knows a lot more signs than words. she is very communicative!



Jessica said...

She is so cute!!! What a wonderful little helper!

Katie said...

BLESS her!!!!! She is SO advanced!!! I am so proud! What a wonderful Mommy you are Betsy! And what a little sponge you have! :) xoxoxoxo Sophia!