Birthday week for Molly/Annie

Annie turned 5 last week and two days later, Molly turned 7! It was fun to celebrate their birthdays through the week....starting with giving them their horse pajamas after dinner together at Josh/Meg's, then Annie's party at Chuckie Cheese's and then Mol's party at Stillwater farm.
Both M & A are such treasured sweet girls, we love them so much. What a privilege to be able to be at their parties and to get to see them week to week through the year. I enjoy having lunch with Molly at her school each week, getting to hear about her day and spend some one-on-one time. Sophia loves going to see Molly and gets plenty of attention from Mol's classmates! :) Next year I will get to eat lunch with Molly AND Annie since she will be starting kindergarten! I am so excited.

Chuckie Cheese's - Anne's party

At the farm - Molly's party