Hand Foot and Mouth

 Sophia has had hand, foot, and mouth disease this week - a virtually harmless but incredibly uncomfortable virus (reminded me of chicken pox). It started with low appetite and what I thought might be a cold...then 102 fever...then blisters on her hands, feet, butt, thighs which spread to her arms and a few in her mouth. I am so glad she didn't have it worse than she did, but sure am thankful to be on the other side of it! Last Saturday we spent a lot of the day cuddling in bed, even watching Sesame Street (which if any of you know us, there is practically NO tv in her life!) and eating gold fish and frozen bananas. I'm happy to have my girl back and be able to be out in the world again! Having been quarantined while Eric is out-of-town was making me very stir-crazy and feeling isolated. It makes me realize how much I enjoy our play dates and walks with friends -- and of course having Eric come home in the evening!

The pictures were so hard to capture....the blisters were more apparent in person than portrayed on camera but you can see how little they are, it looked kind of like a pimple-blister-rash.


Katie said...

oh sweet, sweet girl. :( so sorry you were sick :( love you!!!