Two Months!

Time is flying and her two month birthday has already come and gone!

*Sophia is SMILING! a LOT! We love it! She lights up a whole room with her beautiful smile!

*She is also started to COO...so precious! She spends a lot of time "talking" to me while she is on the changing table...ahhh, oohhh? *gurgle* ahhh
I am trying (unsuccessfully) to get that sweet little voice on video to share!

*Sophia loves to stare at ceiling fans, lights, mobiles..she only has a mobile for her swing, not her crib, SO I am tackling a craft project (new for me!) to make her one! I'll post pics once it comes together

*She doesn't acknowledge the cats at all...they come up and sniff her, she could care less (and I think the cats feel the same way about her!) :) Someday they will be tempting, fluffy soft things to chase around, but right now, she is oblivious

*At two months is sleeping up to 8 hrs in one stretch at night! Usually goes to bed between 7-9 pm, wakes up once around 4 am, then gets up for the day around 6:30-7:30 am

*Her wake time after eating is still only about 45-50 min before she shows signs of sleepiness. For naps she gets swaddled, rocked, then laid in bed awake. For bedtime, she gets pjs, swaddled, rocked, sung to, prayed over, then laid in bed awake but hopefully very drowsy.

*Still liking the bath! Enjoys lotion massage afterwards when she isn't feeling cold! Throwing a blanket in the dryer to wrap her in after always makes her happy!

*Getting better in the car! Still not a huge fan of the car seat, but she is starting to fall asleep in it which makes it SO much easier for me to do errands/grocery shop

*She is very tolerant and loves to be held by others! She will happily be passed person to person and just stare up at new faces, taking it all in! Usually makes for a good nap afterwards :)

We love you, sweet girl!