Easter 2011

Our Savior LIVES! And we had a wonderful time celebrating the gift of LIFE this year! I felt like I related to Mary in a new way that I had never before - as a mother. To see her first born suffer and die before her eyes must have been the epitome of sadness and pain. We all recognize what a sacrifice it was for God (not that I am diminishing that by any means!) but we rarely talk about Mary's pain at Easter. Not that Jesus was hers to control, but it could not have been easy to watch it play out the way it did. Just as her pain as a mother was piercingly deep, can you imagine the JOY she felt when she saw Him in the flesh, that He was RISEN from the dead!! I can only imagine the tears of relief and joy she wept over seeing Him conquer death! And her prayers thanking God for His faithfulness with His promises.
Eric and I also spent some time thanking the Lord for His faithfulness and for all He has done in our lives.

Sophia looked adorable for her first Easter. She is already wearing 6 month clothing...this cute dress was given to her by my sweet cousin, Julie, up in MN. Because the dress is size '6 months', I thought it would be a dress she would wear in July, not in April! :) But it turned out to be the perfect dress for the occasion! Good thing NC has some great warm spring weather to wear these cute summer dresses! Easter was 80 degrees and beautiful this year!

I just had to have her wear a big white bow to church on Easter morning....we do live in the South after all!


Maria said...

SUCH a beautiful family!! So much happiness on your faces!

borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

Bets- You look SOO great!!! I love you! and so does Sophia, what a doll!