Well I think Sophia and I are FINALLY saying goodbye to all our thrush/yeast infection problems! (hopefully forever!)

I started seeing symptoms and realizing what they meant and now, FIVE WEEKS LATER, after multiple types of treatment, oral meds, probiotics, creams, drops, pills, diet changes, many MANY loads of laundry in hot water to kill the yeast, we are both finally showing signs of improvement! We are taming the beast back! So so so so so happy for both of us!


Chris said...

That's GREAT betsy!

I'm learning about Candida albicans for my test on Monday!

It can manifest in 5 different ways.

1. Orally (Sophia)
2. Diaper
3. Vagina
4. Skin (you)
5. Fingernails

Did she have it in the diaper too?

I'm so glad it's going away!! What medicine did you guys use? Nystatin suspension for her? Some cream imidazole, nystatin, or echinocandin for you?

Love you!

The Shillings said...

Hey Chris! Hope your test on Candida goes GREAT today! Praying for you!!!
Wow, its kinda crazy that we had it manifested in 4 of the 5 ways (thankful it didn't show up in our fingernails!) Sophia had is orally, diaper, vaginally, and skin (neck)
I had it vaginally and skin (breast tissue) crazy. yech. still working past it but it is definitely better. I have never ever had yeast infections before!
We used Nystatin for 2 1/2 weeks unsuccessfully (dr said it only works 45% of the time....my question, then why prescribe it??) she had nystatin suspension I had nystatin cream for nipples. I also used lotrimin (OTC antifungal) and hydrocortizone mix for her diaper area. I have also been on a oral probiotic (OTC) and prescription diflucan for 5 weeks now and Sophia got put on diflucan (flucanazole) oral drops 2 weeks ago when nystatin wasn't doing it for us. we have one more week of flucanazole left. also the lactation consultant gave us liquid silver (there is a more proper name for it, can't remember) to put on her diaper area in conjunction with the anti-fungal cream.
again, blech! please Lord tame back the yeast and let the good bacteria gain balance again!
Let me know how the test goes! So awesome that you know all about this stuff!
Love you!

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