Bumbo Seat

Sophia has started using the bumbo! Crazy that our big girl is already "sitting up on her own" with support. She still has a big of the bobble-head going on but is really gaining good control of her neck!

SNEEZE!! I love it! Also, this is my husband's face when he sneezes too! She is a little mini-me of Eric! Makes me love her even more!

Well this is getting boring and I'm getting tired....WAIT....what did I just find?

OOOOooooo FAAAANNNNNN.......I love you, fan. I could stare at you all day!


Rebekah said...

HAHA!! Love the last picture. How long did she stay like that? Who needs toys when you've got a fan?

AdamsTarheels said...

So cute! Thanks for spending Easter with us! We love getting to see all 3 of you.

Chris said...

hahahaha the fan watching shots are hilarious. you are funnnnny! it's a joke! thanks for helping me with my human devleopment class! i am going through the Denver Developmental Screening Test and your blog at the same time!