Moving...one snippet

So much is going on with our move to Germany that it is hard to even sum up in a post or two. Overall we are very excited about where God is taking us for the next 2 years!!! but there have been tears shed during moments of feeling overwhelmed, sad about goodbyes and the loss of our community & good friends. The biggest and certainly most difficult aspect of being gone for 2 years is missing the three kids who live in Jamestown along with their mom & dad. Molly, Annie, and Owen are such a big part of our world and Sophia would follow any of them to the moon and beyond. Aunt Meg & Uncle Josh are so loved by our kids as well. Jacob has spent a lot of time in both of their arms... when we are with them, apart from him needing to nurse, we get such a break because they "fight" over who gets to hold him! It is awesome and we love to see both of them loving on SG & Jakey. My eyes blur with tears even thinking about that goodbye, so for now I will continue to push it out of my mind until necessity requires it. SO thankful for FaceTime, but I know it just can't be quite the same. ANYway, these types of feelings are all conjured up as I reflect and process our move...

But what I want to document is some of the changes this month has brought as we have fixed up the house, packed up some boxes, and gone through old stuff. Moving is hard work! We are so thankful that that Eric's Dad came to help us around the house (and meet Jacob!) There is still a lot to do, but the house is starting to feel pretty empty. Such sweet friends have come alongside of us and let us borrow what we need for Sophia (a crib, a mattress, some toys, etc) and the good ole library has been our friend to check out books.
 Sophia helping Pops fix up the door jams the cats destroyed over the years. Thanks Felix & Marzell!
 Tasting coffee together before church

 Whew. more in the next days/weeks I'm sure. Prayers appreciated!