Jacob - 3 months old!

Our sweetie is 3 months old already... officially no longer a newborn!! I don't know why losing that term always makes them seem so "old" to me somehow. Jacob continues to be our smiley, sweet-as-ever little boy and we love him so. He is growing and changing every day, still feeling so soft, snuggly, and small in our arms though. :) 

The biggest milestone this month is that one day shy of turning 3 months, Jacob rolled over!! He rolled from back to tummy and when we put him back, he rolled over, and over, and over again! It was so fun and we were able to catch it on video. It is so amazing to me how much progress, growth and skills come during this first year! We are so incredibly thankful for his healthy development.

*Jacob still loves staring at fans, lights, and shiny objects. He has a kitty that hooks onto his car seat that Aunt Meg and Molly let him use that helps him in the car a bit.

*Still not a fan of the car (understatement!) Pretty much cries himself into a sweat wherever we go. Praying time will help this and we are thankful that after we move next month (needs a whole post on its own!), we really won't spend much time in the car since Kandern is such a small town.

*He continues to love the Ergo!! He naps in it and goes for walks in it while I push Sophia in the Phil & Teds stroller. He is big enough to ride in the stroller now, and has enjoyed it a few times, but still prefers being worn. :)

*Reflux hasn't decreased yet unfortunately. Popeye nicknamed him Mt. Vesuvio (volcano in Italy)... he spits up a lot and very frequently during the day (and sometimes night). Two nights ago, he had a very memorable spit up moment that resulted in me needing a new pj shirt and something to wipe off my entire face. Thanks buddy. It is hard to see him be in pain after feedings, but we are once again thankful he is growing, getting good Mama milk (that is still dairy free), and otherwise a happy little guy

*He is still nursing like a champ, taking bottles happily, very laid back in the eating dept! 

*His typical routine is to get up for the day around 6-6:30 am, nurse and follow a eat, wake, sleep routine. His waketime is currently around 1 hr, then he naps in his bassinet if we are home, otherwise in the Ergo. His naps are all about 45 min-1 hr, but if he's held sometimes they are longer. His best nap is the first afternoon nap which is even up to around 2 1/2 hrs on a really good day! He eats every 2.5-3 hrs and goes down for the night around 7:30-8 ish pm. On an awesome night (this has happened a handful of times total), he gives me a 5-6 hr stretch so he wakes up around 12:30-1:30 am then every 2-3 hrs after that. Normally though, he just follows an every 3 hr eating pattern, and SOMEtimes even wakes more than that. It is quite different than his big sis' newborn sleep, let me tell you! But of course they will be different and wonderful in their own ways. He is my cuddle bug and likes to be very close to Mama through the night. I love his velvet skin, fuzzy head, and how he is completely-at-rest in my arms. 

*He has discovered his hands!! So cute. He will stare at them, chew and suck on them, and practice grabbing anything within reach. He doesn't really hold onto rattles or toys yet, more of a grab and release. He DOES love to hold his elephant/hippo lovey!! He somehow found the same little corners that Sophia likes on her Daisy lovey. This has helped him in the car a bit too. 

*He is wearing 6-9 month clothing and weighing around 15 lbs. He is almost completely bald! Peach fuzz on the top of his head and a monk look ring of hair around the back :) 

*On the cusp of laughing! Today, Molly asked if he can laugh yet and when I said not quite, but will probably figure it out soon, she said, "Well I think he is laughing in his head!" :) I loved that! It certainly does look like he is laughing on the inside even though the sound isn't coming out yet. such a big, bright smile

We all love you so much Jacob! 


Katie said...

ah Loved reading about sweet Jakey! We love you sweet baby J!