Jacob - 4/5 months old


Jacob is already 5 months old. I can hardly believe it. Don't I still have a newborn?! Surely my baby is not one month away from being halfway through his first year of life!!! I am combining the past 2 months (what?!) since the move got crazy and I missed his 4th month.
*The same week he turned 5 months old, he cut his 3rd tooth. So he has the two bottom teeth and top-front right tooth as well. Crazy boy!
*He got his first tastes of solid foods... banana, watermelon, pear and gnawed on an apple slice. We are taking the same approach as we did with solid introduction with Sophia.... baby led weaning. I'm sure I'll do some purees and mash some things here and there, but a good bit of it is just experimentation with texture and "the real thing". I let him suck/scrape the banana off himself and the watermelon was a bit chunk that i held while he sucked the juice out. He obviously got more than just juice though because it showed itself later in his diaper! He loves, no seriously LOVES holding and attempting to eat any and everything I've offered. He has what we call "sticky fingers" and swipes anything in sight with his big boyish hands. :) He grabs hair, clothing, toys, anything! and usually brings them straight to his mouth
*His features are already so manly! His big baseball-glove hands, brick solid chubby feet, defined facial features... I love it! such a little boy. and sooo different from my delicate rose of a daughter. :) I love them both in such amazingly different ways already.
*the best thing about moving to Kandern - Jacob is never in the car anymore!!! We walk everywhere and that has been awesome. He has always done so well in the Ergo and continues to enjoy being worn. He really enjoys riding in the double stroller too now! He sits in the front or back (whichever CiCi decides) of our Phil & Teds and is happy as a clam to just watch the world go by. I am so happy not to be messing with car seat buckles or endure the screaming in the car anymore! :)
*Jacob is Mr. Social. He gets so bored with me alone at home... he does much better watching Sophia play but even then, he does best when we are out in public, in groups, being passed around, people watching, etc! He is NOT cool with me putting him down on a blanket on the floor, the bumbo, or bouncy seat and just walking away to let him hang out. I think we have an extrovert on our hands!
*nursing great. has become distracted easily. unlatches frequently to check out what is going on around him. Something has has always done while nursing... pushes his feet against anything with resistance...me, the couch, bed, etc. he does that while riding in the stroller too... always has his feet up pushing against Sophia sitting in front of him.
*rolling over both ways! He is definitely mobile! can make his way around the bed/crib/floor just by rolling around. We stopped swaddling him due to rolling... He also loves standing!!! He doesn't care much for sitting up (throws himself forward or backward). Also, while standing, he frequently stomps his feet! its so funny. 
*Still living up to his Mount Vesuvius nickname... when he has just eaten, he is always held outwards because it is not a matter of IF he will spit up. That is a given. There are dried spit up drops on our floor of when I've walked around and not noticed his dripping. Such is our life with our sweet Jacob.
*When he smiles, he lights up the room. He smiles with his WHOLE face, not just his mouth. He often puts such energy into his smile, he wiggles and moves his whole body in response to his glee. He puts his hands up next to his mouth as if he's being bashful or flirty. so adorable.
*living in cloth diapers and doing great. we have a lot less blow outs with cloth than disposables. The cost of water is ri-di-culous here in Kandern but analyzing the cost of disposables (and trash... yes we pay for each trash bag collected each week), it is still cheaper to use cloth. We'd have to pay over $7 per load of laundry to make cloth cost more and as much as water is expensive, its not THAT expensive. In general, I am still enjoying cloth and Eric is over it. Its a good thing I change the majority of diapers and do the laundry. :)
*Jacob enjoys being bounced, lots of loud energy right in his face, SO ticklish on his tummy, armpits & neck! his giggles escape. Sophia can still make him laugh more than anyone. Sometimes she isn't even trying but he is so smitten with anything she does or attention he gets from her.
*Sleep with a baby around is sleep with a baby around (aka unpredictable). He nurses so efficiently now and is quite easily put to sleep whether night or naps. He still wakes a few times at night, but with all the transition we've gone through, I'm at peace with it for now. I know the months are flying by and I'm not sleep deprived anymore than an average mom of two young kids. I take comfort in knowing when he is a teenager, I will be the one waking HIM up, dragging him out of bed.... :) 
*Along the sleep lines, he is just so cuddly. Sometimes when he is asleep and I am laying down with him (whether to rest during Sophia's nap or at night), he will stir, rest his hand on me, and sigh/relax just knowing he isn't alone but cuddled next to Mama, he sinks back into sleep. It is so sweet to have his little hand find me and cling to my shirt or finger. He is such a lovey boy.
*eye color is TBD. still blue (ISH) but some days I swear I see green and even brown. My vote is on hazel. time will tell
*loves grabbing his feet and chewing on them! 
*he is the most handsome little guy and though he can be SO FUSSY, he is our gem and joy. We love you, Jakey!!!