Introducing... Jacob Matthew Shilling

Our precious son, Jacob Matthew, arrived early wed morning 3/20 of this week! He is 3 days old now and as perfect as can be! He came into the world with a very dramatic entrance - God delivered him into my own hands in the front seat of our car as Eric raced 80 mph to get us to the birthing center we were planning to deliver him at! We arrived just 3 min later into the parking lot and were checked right away for vitals and to help me deliver the placenta/ after birth stitching repair. Our poor car looked like a crime scene - hah! But it was a surreal, crazy adventure that God had His hands all throughout, keeping us all safe and protected! I was planning a natural birth like Sophia's so in my mind it just happened in an unexpected location! I think of it as having had angel midwives in the car with us! :) Sophia was a long labor 22+ hrs so I just did NOT expect a speedy 4 hr labor this time around!
He is a big boy - 9 lbs 2 oz, 20.5 inches long and so handsome. We are in love with him, it hardly seems possible to love someone so much! Big sister Sophia is transitioning, hard to share mom and dad but hanging in there as we try to adjust to new normal. "Baby Jakey" is laid back, loves to nurse, and has soft as velvet skin. His newborn squeaks and gurgles are so fun. His least favorite activity is diaper changes and having clothes changed. He rides very happily in the car (was on a mission to come into the world that first car ride!) 
We are over the moon!

More pics of his day of birth coming... need to upload from camera. :) 


Sarah said...

What an amazing story and such a BEAUTIFUL addition to your family :). So glad to hear that everyone was safe and that you're all transitioning into life as a family of four!

Anonymous said...

I am still SO shocked at all of this... I'm wondering if you & Eric were panicking or if he was just focused on the road and you were just breathing/pushing! Those 3 minutes must have been crazy long before you actually got to the center. Did Jacob breathe and cry on his own? Were the midwives totally shocked? wow-wow-wow! Love, Rebekah

Katie said...

He is gorgeous. And Sophia holding/kiss him. . .well there just aren't words for that. <3