Birth pics

Still working on getting my birth story in writing... but until then, here are some precious first photos of Jacob's BIRTH-day. Obviously we didn't get any of the birth itself - none of us saw it! Eric did get a peek of his head coming out (after I requested that he flip the car light on to check) but the rest were taken after we arrived at the birthing center. I felt so great since the birth was so fast! I wish I could bless every pregnant woman with a 4 hr labor. Granted it was definitely hard work, plenty of momentary pain (back labor again!), and still healing 2 weeks later but compared to my long 22 hr saga with my sweet Sophia?! What a blessing the shorter labor was!
Since Sophia was happily playing with Aunt Meg and her beloved cousins, we took our time recovering, bonding with Jacob, and eating a late breakfast at the birthing center before going home. It was nice to still be home by lunch time. We got a few more hours of rest at home before Meg brought Sophia back and pizza for us all for dinner. It was a whirlwind day that kicked off a very crazy week! We are so glad Jacob is here and can't imagine our family without him!

He's here! And what a wild ride it turned out to be!

Precious first footprints...


Rebekah said...

You are amazing! And Eric is so amazing too for keeping calm during that car ride! So glad it was record speed and everyone was safe. God was with you every moment. Can't wait to meet the little guy. Hope he's a good sleeper since he was so big!
Love, Rebekah

Katie said...