More Birthday!

We enjoyed having a little get together with Josh, Meg, Molly, Annie, and Owen as well as Sophia's birthday buddy Zach, Katie & Josh M, and baby Andrew. Sophia got to blow out more candles and I think the highlight of the afternoon for her was being sung to by everyone. Ironically having everyone over was a break for me, since she is on cloud nine having her older cousins adore her and play with her. Annie dressed Sophia up with all her necklaces, earrings, tiara, and extra hair bows. :) And I overheard Sophia calling out "Moo-Moo!" every time Molly tried to leave Sophia's room :) Since Meg has been letting Sophia hang out with her and Owen while I go to my midwife appts (which has been SO NICE for me!), she and Owen have really bonded! Sophia goes through the list of Moo-Moo, Annie, Owen, Uncle Josh ("Osh"), and Aunt Meg ("Meng") and is so excited to see them any and every chance we have. She loves being surrounded by them and we were so blessed by wonderful family and friends to celebrate our girl with us. 

  We went with a "Valentine" hearts theme party. :) Perfect fit for our February-born sweetie.

Kiddos playing in Sophia's room - they were in there playing so well for quite a long time and it gave us parents a little break to hang out and catch up with each other!

 Annie helping Sophia color in her new Hello Kitty coloring book with her new backpack on. She is a BIG fan of Hello Kitty these days!
 (Sophia was much too busy sticking her finger in the icing to be bothered to look at the camera) :)

Happy Birthday to our big girl Sophia!


borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

I love all the new pictures! That backpack is hilarious! It is as big as her! I love it!
Wish we would be there, can't wait to see you in a few months!