Visit with Cozy Nana

It has been SO great having Nana in town! We did lots of fun things together....nice walk at Lake Brandt, Mother-Daughter tea date, having a girls' lunch, strawberry picking, dinner on the lake, date nights with no curfew ;), Downton Abbey episodes... just to name a few!

 out for lunch....nothing could distract Sophia from the fresh, warm bread that had just arrived at the table....no one could blame her!

 Sophia loves eating out at restaurants! It's kind of surprising, since we don't do it that often...maybe we have our Saturday morning family breakfast at Chick-Fil-A to thank!
Sophia is grinning ear to ear after each sip of lemon water! She was cracking us up!

 Out for ice cream at Bruster's! Sophia sure knew what to do with her first cone!
'YMMMMMM - this stuff is awesome, Dad!'

She demolished this cone (with Mama's help with drips) in record speed! Extra fun that these kiddie cones are free! We look forward to more ice cream outings this summer!


Katie said...

can I pah LEEZ see a close up of Sophia with Eric holding her with the cone in front of her face?!?! aaaaahhhhhh she's so cute!! xoxo
Nana time is so fun!

Jessica said...

Love the pics! Looks like you all had such a wonderful time!