Farm Fun!

So, it was made very clear to me last week that Sophia really loves animals! (that's my girl!!) :) Her first word was kitty and she absolutely prefers her books with pictures of dogs, cats, ducks, pigs...but last Friday I found out that she loves them in the flesh even more than in her books!
We went to a MOPS playdate with our church, hosted by a very sweet family that owns 42 acres of farm. While there, we saw goats, pigs, chickens, peacocks, pheasants, roosters, ponies, horses, baby chicks, rabbits and a cat. Sophia got excited about EVERY one of them. She was able to pet/semi-hold the baby chicks and was surprisingly more gentle than I expected! She loved petting the pony, wasn't so sure when he blew his breath out and sniffed her curiously, but she really loved touching his mane. The goats were being fed carrots and "food pellets" by any little ones who were interested. At first I thought Sophia would be too young to understand the concept, but she just was so taken by the goats and squealing with delight that I thought it was worth a shot to try it! Sure enough, she held her hand still while the goat nibbled and licked the pellets up. Her facial expression was pure AWE....so stink'in cute. We got to go on a hay ride also, on which she seemed the most bored out of the whole time there. I think it was because it was the only activity that didn't involve being close with any animal! :) Katie M. kindly took some photos since I didn't bring my camera with me.

My hand was on the fence because she was trying to pull it down to get to the soft rabbit!

nice pony named "Rooster"

you can barely tell from her profile, but she has a HUGE smile on her face as she touches this baby chick!

We will definitely need to visit a farm again soon!