Look who's WALKING!

Sophia took her first steps one day shy of 14 months! Already, only 3 days later, she is *starting* to get steadier and LOVES practicing! We have one video I took as it was first happening (very early in the morning and I was trying to just turn it ON to record!) Hopefully a better one will be taken and posted soon. We are very excited and proud of our girl!
PS My favorite parts are 1) the pride and joy in her smile 2) that she bends down to get Daisy (her lovey)


Maria said...

Oh my goodness, could she look any happier and sweet?! Love those happy expressions!!

Nancy Kapp said...

Oh my gosh! too cute! I love her little squeel when she finally gets up, like "whado think of that?!" or "tada" or "come on Mom, praise me--this is pretty big stuff here!" :) Thanks for allowing so many of us to delight in her from afar! Love you girl!