Baby Shower!

*will update with photos once I figure out how to get them off our new camera!*

One of my dearest friends, Tiffany, and her husband, Kevin came down last weekend and blessed us SOO abundantly!! Tiffany threw the loveliest baby shower for me...it was such a special day with sweet friends celebrating baby Sophia Grace's awaited arrival. The Lord even gave us SNOW during the shower - we were all inside drinking cozy tea watching the beautiful snowflakes come down. I couldn't have imagined a more fun day! I have such wonderful, generous friends...I couldn't wait to show Eric all the sweet gifts baby Sophia received! We are both overwhelmed by how the Lord, family, and friends have provided for us and our baby girl.

Meanwhile, while we were busy eating delicious finger food and sipping tea, Kevin (& Eric as support) :) was busy at our house painting the baby room for us!! Ah, what a guy! We had mentioned to them how much we loathe painting (dislike in the extremest form!) and how terrible we are at it even if we didn't hate it so much....well Kevin cheerfully volunteered to take care of it for us as a baby gift! AMAZING!

We had SUCH a fun weekend hanging out with Kevin & Tiff...sooo glad they made the drive down to visit us! They taught us a fun new game, Monopoly cards, and we stuffed our bellies as we do best! Mellow Mushroom pizza, mexican cornbread, pirate's booty, kettle corn from the Farmer's Market, all of it was sooo good. AND Tiffany stocked our freezer so we have some meals ready for us after the baby comes! She takes the word "friendship" to a new level - thank you so much Tiffany!! We love you guys! xoxo


Josh 'n Katie said...

girl you've been busy updating!! I'd love to see pics from your baby shower- when you can. LOVE your pregnancy photos- you are a beautiful Momma already. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!! A LOT!!!!!!!!