Ahh...Seattle. The city that holds one of my favorite people on the planet...my beloved sister!! I went out to visit Katie, John, & Luca right before Thanksgiving and had a marvelous time with everyone. I even got to see my Dad! He was visiting them to help after Luca's surgery and our visits overlapped one day...it was very special!

We took walks, drank tea, cooked yummy food (pasta bolognese one day, potatoes au gratin another day) and of course no visit to Seattle is quite complete until there is an almond croissant involved. :) Yum yum yum. Oh and this year Katie took me to a little German grocery/deli and we got fresh pretzel rolls, Gouda cheese, and Christmas spice cookies!! It was such a treat!!

This visit was also unique in that Katie LOADED me with amazing baby items to use when baby Sophia Grace arrives! Let me put it this way...I checked a suitcase on my way home (nothing I came with went in there) and it weighed 49.9 pounds. We hit up a really fun consignment store, Katie had already stocked up on sweet girl clothes/shoes, and she is graciously letting us borrow some of Luca's items that he isn't using anymore (pack n' play, nursing pump, bath wraps, onesies, and on and on). Even Katie's friends blessed us with a beautiful diaper bag, preggo pics (another post coming on this one), and swaddling blanket - Thank you Jess & Alicia!

One of my favorite take-aways from the visit is Luca's obsession with my belly button (which is doing funky things as it stretches!) and big belly being called "Phia" (short for Sophia). Apparently he has continued to call Katie's belly (FLAT belly) Phia as well so maybe we confused the poor guy on what exactly is going on. Either he thinks every girl is pregnant with a baby Sophia in there or Phia is the new word for belly. :) In any case, his little voice couldn't be sweeter as he says his cousin's name. Can't wait for them to meet, hopefully one day soon.

Katie, how did we get so few photos together?? Happens every time...too busy enjoying every moment spending time with you! Love you!!


borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

Thanks for your wonderful updates and pictures! We had a great time that is for sure. Wish we could live in the same place. Love you, Katie
PS. I might have some more girl clothes to send...:)