Michigan visit

Well once again, I don't know where to start. So much happens so quickly, I fall behind in the blogging world, and feel defeated to ever catch up...it's cyclical. But then I decide to not go down without a fight! so here I am, trying to document the past two months. Let's see where it takes us...

During mid-October, I had the pleasure and privilege to go visit Chris in his new med-school world...which happens to be in East Lansing, MI (at MSU). It was so much fun!!! The weather was GORGEOUS, fall leaves at their peak, and we found the perfect balance of activity and rest. On Saturday, we went to an apple orchard where they had fresh donuts and apple cider (groan! so so good), a fun corn maize, and fruit flinging. What is fruit flinging you might ask? Well take an old, bruised apple and fling it at a target...voila. I watched this event (which happened to be the most popular activity among the crowds) and it was more fun than I anticipated! We also made a bunch of meals for Chris to eat throughout the week and now he has beef stew & chicken casserole added to his cooking repertoire! Periodic rest was welcomed as I had many braxton-hicks contractions throughout the weekend...they created the perfect opportunity to lay down, take a walk, watch some "Office" reruns, while Chris dutifully studied and kept up with his class work. It was very cool to see him so acclimated, getting the rhythm of med school down in order to be successful...makes me proud of him! Keep up the good work, Chris! Thanks for such a great visit!!

Here is Chris, fruit flinging those apples! Notice the face guard, this is a dangerous sport, people!

The orchard building that had doughnuts and cider...look at what a beautiful day it was!

At the start of our corn maize...first one I had ever been in! :)

Chris with meals for the week - way to go! :)