Struggles of Re-Entry...

Slowly we are transitioning back in our normal routine life, whatever that means. Normal is an interesting word. How can anyone or the life they lead be considered "normal"? Normal for whom??
Webster's definition of normal says "conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern." But again I beg the question, whose standard do we follow to set this conformed pattern? I resist the notion to let culture rule what we take at face value as normal. Today, I encourage you to break from any mold that you find your thinking squeezed into. Let today be the day not to take things for granted. It is not 'normal' for most of the world to get a hot shower today, if you are lucky enough to have one, enjoy it! Eating lunch today? delight in it.
Unfortunately, our perspective is programmed by the world we live in, yet how do we live IN the world but not AMONG it? WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Yes, but how? Eating whats on sale? Buying smaller & older cars? Commuting by bike? How do you commute by bike when cities are so spread out? Giving our time to the community? Helping out a neighbor we don't know? Shopping at good will? Eating out less? I often hear people talking about the little things making a difference...I want to know about the BIG things - why are we settling for only making a little difference? What are the bigger things we can do WHERE WE ARE to swim upstream in our culture?
--Deep Breath-- Now that I have gotten all that out, I would like you to remind me going forward not to indulge in deep thought while still recovering from jet-lag. thank you.
but seriously it's impossible to come back from third-world unchanged. the challenge is what to do next. turning a blind eye on some of the most beautiful souls I've ever met with the deepest needs isn't an option. it can't be.


Josh 'n Katie said...

I think you should teach small group tonight. And then Eric can bring a message. :)
On a more serious note, I'm not sure is my answer. Through prayer and God's leading? ? ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the question is the same for each of us "What do we do next?" But, for each of us, the answer is a bit different, eh? Life is interesting.

Chris said...