Spring Garden!

I am really enjoying the spring gardening season...last year was my first attempt at having a garden so I just stuck to one season - summer, what a great season to try! But this year I planted spinach, carrots & lettuce in early March and they are doing wonderfully! My friend Susan gave me some extra broccoli plants that she started from seed and another friend Josh had extra pea seeds so he put both of those in for us while we were in India. They are doing excellent - hopefully soon we will be enjoying some peas & broccoli thanks to Josh & Susan!
I am still planning to plant a summer crop in the next couple of weeks, we'll have to see if my lettuce is ready to come out at that point. My plans right now are: tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, lots of peppers, more carrots, basil, parsley, cucumbers, and anything else at the farmer's market that I can't pass up trying. I am so looking forward to a big garden this year again - Oh how I love putting what I just harvested on the table for dinner!
ALSO, a recent MAJOR victory for me is that I finally convinced Eric to let me expand! I have a beautiful little area that I have begun (haven't made much progress yet...obviously) that will soon be home to my zucchini, summer & butternut squash plants! I can't wait! :)

My broccoli

One type of lettuce

Another type of lettuce

Carrots...they are finally coming up!

Spinach...still babies


Aren't they all so beautiful?!

Zucchini & Squash - here I come! :)


Rebekah said...

VERY beautiful indeed. Can't wait to put mine together. Wednesday's my next day off. :)

Jennifer said...

That's awesome, Betsy! I'm hoping to plant a little container gerden this year - yours is inspirational :)

jay said...

You are so talented Betsy...and imaginative! Your garden is like "Dynamic Art". The colors and shapes are so varied and always in a state of change with the anticipation of eating them up...and feeling good about good nutrition at an unbelievable price. I want to garden with you!