Maria's visit!

Maria is officially half way through nursing school - yaay Maria! She is doing great and earning hard-worked A's! I'm so proud; she graduates in December! She only has 3 one week breaks in the whole program (15 months) so to spend some time this week with me up in Greensboro was such a privilege and gift!

Celebrating Maria's hard work paying off! Also doing my part to help her get the Starbucks Gold Card... ;)

We did all our usual fun things...cooking, baking, RUNNING (first trail run together - it was awesome...how did it take us 7 yrs to finally do that!), TALKING, laughing, SOUL SEARCHING, being entertained by Felix and Marzell, eating, chick flicks....amazing how much we did and yet how fast the time flew. Something that I read recently that made me think of Maria and our deep-routed friendship throughout the past 7 yrs: "I count your friendship one of the chiefest pleasure of my life, a comfort in time of doubt and trouble, a joy in time of prosperity and success, and an inspiration at all times." Edwin Osgood Grover

My attempt...

Maria's turn...

Fun fun fun!


Maria said...

I had a great, soul feeding, mind and body relaxing, perma-smile kinda time with you Betz!!
I love you!!!!

Josh 'n Katie said...

Yeah Maria!! So great to meet her! Can't wait to see her again-- when is she coming back?