Owen Joshua Has Arrived!!

I have a brand new NEPHEW!!!! :) He came into the world 7 weeks early - all ready to catch up to his big sisters! Meagan went into labor Sat. night, but being the tough cookie that she is, waited until Sun. morning to call the hospital...they told her to come in immediately!! So, Uncle Eric, Aunt Bets and Uncle Chris hung out with Molly & Annie all day while the Dr's tried to stop labor. They thought they had it under control, but "Daddy Jr." (what Josh/Meg and girls have nicknamed him) wasn't going to be stopped! By Mon. morning, it was clear that a C-section was needed, so out he came! 4 lbs 12 oz - he is TINY and beautiful. He will be in the NICU for a few weeks until he gains a little weight, can hold his own temp., and is eating and gaining on his own (currently on IV). Already he has strong enough lungs to be taken off his ventilator, so that is wonderful!
I am so humbled by the MIRACLE that a new baby is; it is so neat to be here to witness that! I will try to get some pics and post them soon!!

**UPDATE: His name is Owen Joshua Adams - sweet, huh? Owen's meaning is "young warrior" - I just love its significance with him being a preemie!


Chris said...

woot woot!

Rebekah said...

Oh Bets, he is TOO cute!! So small! wow. Praise the Lord for a safe arrival, and continued good health for both baby and mama!

Josh 'n Katie said...

Oh Baby Owen! So tiny and beautiful! Congratulations Aunty!!

Anonymous said...

he's SO cute!