Salem Lake 10K!

I am proud to have set a PR (Personal Record) yesterday, Sept. 26, 2009 on the Salem Lake 10K Race! My goal time was 59:59, just wanted to do it under an hour so bad...well I did it - 59:37! So my pace averaged 9:36 per mile. Eric sweetly stood in the "cold" (60 degrees) and rain (yes, it rained the whole hour, but thankfully it was just 'spitting' on us), cheering me to the end! The trail is a gorgeous loop around Salem Lake (obvious based on the name, huh?) - the Lake is 7 miles around, so it's the perfect 10K (6.2 mi) setting.

My knee is a bit sore today, but I am happy to say it did not bother me at ALL during the race! Praise the Lord for answered prayer!

The rainy, drizzly day was the perfect afternoon to recover by snuggling on the couch with a few movies! I'd say it was the perfect Saturday! :)

*As you can see on the Race's logo - there were 30 K runners out there with us too...let me tell you, they were amazing and INTENSE to say the least! It inspired me to run faster!


Erika said...

YAY!! Congrats!! :) I know that feels great!

Rebekah said...

That's AWESOME. I would worship you for that record, but I'm told I cannot have two Masters. Sorry. But I will hug my computer screen if you hug yours. Ready... GO! :)

Josh 'n Katie said...

It was a fun race, wasn't it? Let's do it again sometime. :)

Chris said...

what the heck?? why didn't you tell me that
1. you were going to race
2. the race was in winson-salem
3. your PR

instead i read it on your facebook and had no idea the significance.




jay said...

I get inspired every time i read and reread your PR times! I've cycled longer and cycled further cuz you ran yourself ragged out there in the Regenwald: Proud of ya! Dad