So, now that it is official that my blog has fallen off the face of the planet...its about time to turn that around! :)

I have finally uploaded all my pictures onto Shutterfly (b/c there was just no way I could get them all onto here, one by one!) Plus, since there are over 500 pictures, you can browse at your leisure...there is a quiz at the end to make sure you got them all...JUST kidding!

I am sooo thankful for how wonderful our trip was and am happy to have the memories on film! :)

I am working on a photobook (as I am so not a scrapbooker!) on shutterfly as well and will link it to our site when it is finished! :)


Josh 'n Katie said...

I've only looked at Kandern...and I want to go! The homes are so quaint! I feel like I could walk in and have tea and little cakes! What a beautiful, beautiful place!