I leave tomorrow morning - ahh! Exciting. Thank you ALL for your prayers, support, and encouragement as I embark on this adventure for the next two weeks! I am just so humbled by the opportunity and am pinching myself that I will be there in 36 hours (24 of those hours will be travel...one of our flight legs is 15 hrs long - sheesh!)

We have a team blog that one of our team members will be updating as often as internet, time, electricity, etc allows. :) You can follow me making sure I am surviving the heat, the bugs, the food, the bathrooms, oh the butterflies I get thinking about what lies ahead! :) What I am most looking forward to is loving on those sweet children with lives that have been so tough I can't even imagine. http://railkids09.blogspot.com/

Also, there should be a prayer calendar on our blog which is based on our itinerary...thank you so much for your prayers!!!