Valentine's Day

So, this is a little late to be sharing what we did for Valentine's...but the motto in my family was always "better late than never"...I am inclined to think the Adams family actually invented that phrase... ;)
Anyway, it was so fun that Valentine's was a Saturday this year, so we could just take the whole day to hang out!

My day actually started the day before (Friday afternoon), when my sweetie couldn't wait to give me my roses...they were breathtakingly beautiful as well as pleasing to the nose to smell! Somehow the pictures make them look kinda pink, but they were crimson red...

Loved the bow... ;) Unfortunately, so did the cats...we battled who's ribbon it was for the entire life of the flowers. Those cats sure keep me on our toes most days!

Saturday morning, I made us a lovely breakfast of eggs, with fresh parsley, fresh tomatoes, and green peppers. We also had toast - my favorite these days! Ezekiel 4:9 Raisin and Cinnamon bread - SO good. Eric wasn't as big of a fan, but I have been on a recent kick of eating two pieces of this bread for breakfast every day...haven't gotten sick of it yet!

Then we went for a walk in the woods around Lake Brandt...just love that area. I really enjoy living only 5 min from a lake and great hiking trails. We love to kayak on Lake Brandt in the summer! Looking forward to warmer weather in the upcoming months!

After our walk, Eric planned the perfect movie date....Pink Panther 2!! I am a big Steve Martin fan and find the humor in the Pink Panther just hilarious! He took me to see the first one for my birthday a few years ago and knew I would be very excited to see the sequel. We hardly go to the movie theatre, so it is always a fun treat! Hah - I am easy to please I guess!! I am all about casual dates. ;)

For dinner, we enjoyed a quiet night in - we each got to choose exactly what we wanted to eat...well, surprise, surprise - we couldn't have picked more opposite choices! Eric enjoyed a marinated steak on the grill with *gulp* mac'n'cheese while I made myself a delicious veggie pita, filled with hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a homemade tzatziki sauce from Greek yogurt, dill, fresh parsley, lemon, etc. It was... awesome. We both love asparagus so I was excited that it happened to be on sale at HT! I roasted it in the oven with a little olive oil, salt/pepper, and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. We both ended up very pleased with our choices and wouldn't have traded with each other for anything! ;) Everybody wins, right? ;)

Dessert. I thought long and hard about this one. I almost made a molten lava cake thing, chocolately with a gooey center....I toyed with a couple other ideas too, but in the end, I decided on a simple, sweet favorite. Fresh strawberries with homemade whipped cream. You can tell I was impatient to eat with the quality of photos! Hah - I am not one inclined to wait for food....hmm...so yummy.

We both had a blast and loved the excuse to make a regular Saturday something special. It ended up being both of our favorite Valentine's day together so far! It was our 7th one celebrated together - wow!!


Erika said...

Awww!!! I hope to have the happy marriage that you two have someday. ;)

Josh 'n Katie said...

remind me never to read your blog when I'm hungry!! sounds delicious and fun!
1) have you seen the latest post on joy the baker? i cannot wait to try to make polenta with the tomato borlotti stuff?
2) still waiting on the excel spreadsheet/chore list-- Josh was stunned by what Eric does! in fact, he doesn't even want to talk about it! haha! I have to be careful there. .

The Shillings said...

Erika - you are sweet - Eric and I feel so blessed! :)

Katie - you make me laugh!
1)I did see Joy's post and I would love to try it! We both love polenta!
2)I know, I know...I am a bit behind...I feel SO incredibly lucky with how much Eric does!! Thank you for the reminder not to take it for granted! I should video him cleaning sometime...he is like a tornado. I would lose if it were a timed competition!