I have MUCH to update on here...but I wasn't on a computer very much last week, because we are too busy skiing in Colorado with Eric's family!! It was so great! What a blessing to be able to spend that time together and in such a beautiful (and fun) place!! Here are some pictures we took....more to come. :)

Eric, Eric's Dad, and Eric's Grandpa. These were my skiing buddies all week - they were very sweet and obliging to go on blue runs with me... ;) Eric's Grandpa schooled us all - he is as comfortable as a fish in water on the slopes! I think Marty caught Eric on video...if so, I will find a way to post - I love watching him snowboard!

This was our weather all week - look at that beautiful blue sky!! Already looking at the calendar to figure out when we can go back!! ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you 2 got to go skiing someplace so wonderful and fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The pics show how fantastic it was...very glad for you...and makes me very eager to go skiing again! Dad

Michelle @ Find Your Balance Health said...

Fun! I am SOOO not a skiier – I envy those who can make it down the slopes in one piece :-)