Sisters...sisters...there were never such devoted sisters...

Well - this post is a tribute to how amazing the relationship of a sister is! As I impatiently wait to visit Katie sometime soon, I smile and thank the Lord that Annie and Molly have each other and pray for them as they continue to grow closer throughout the years. It's been known to happen for some siblings to struggle through the teen years (b/c fighting and rebellion is what teens do best), but I hope and trust that either they will avoid that period in their relationship or come back together closer than ever. From about the time I was age 16, Katie and I re-kindled our treasured childhood friendship, and especially after my freshman year of college in Seattle - I was hooked for life! Each year our hearts are woven tighter. To me, Romans 12:15 sums up the support of a sister - "Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn." Throughout life, Katie and I will be dancing with each other during times of rejoicing and weeping on each other's shoulders during the periods of mourning.

My sweet nieces, Molly & Annie, have been given the same gift and it is such a joy to watch.

The two princesses: with one who is way too cool for school. Cinderella wore shades, right? ;)
I absolutely can't handle Anne's face in this next one: it is a hilarious action shot.

Annie found Nana's slippers to be awfully cozy with her Christmas pajamas...and Molly is surprisingly strong!!
After many giggles, they both tumbled to the floor into a sweet hug!

Dressed to face the cold together... Molly's new crocheted scarf by yours truly! Poor Annie-pie has to wait for her matching hat, because I made it too small the first attempt...she's just growing up faster than we can all keep up with!

Such sweet girls with a relationship I hope they treasure their whole lives. Clearly, they are off to a great start. ;)


Anonymous said...

Sisters are also Daughters and what a pair you two made...you excelled individually in Volleyball & Basketball and together as gourmet chefs in the kitchen. No father has ever been more proud of the 2 lovely and lovable girls i've cherished since I first held each of you when you were 5 seconds old. I tear up easily so i gotta stop writing. Love ya both, Dad

Josh 'n Katie said...

who are the precious little ones? they're adorable! these photos will be priceless to them when they're older.
you're right Betsy, sisters are so, so special!

The Shillings said...

Katie - how are you feeling?! How'd surgery go?
These sweet little ones are my nieces - my older brother's little girls. I love them to pieces and am so thankful they live close!

Our life.... said...

YES! i agree, there is no one like a sister!!