Well, last night I returned to the yoga class at my gym and could NOT BELIEVE how crowded it was compared to when I went before Christmas!! It was unreal and so obvious how many people have began their yearly resolutions of getting in shape. The gym as a whole, was packed.

Anyway, I've been thinking for the last week or so about resolutions and pondering why I've never really been drawn to the idea of them. Should I list my desires and hopes for 2009 since everyone else seems to be doing it? Am I lazy if I do not have 'clear expectations' of what I anticipate happening?

Here is the conclusion (for me) I have come to so far: yearly resolutions are a means for me to try to take control of my world and create expectations that foreshadow disappointment if not achieved on "my" timetable.

That being said, I think they can be a positive motivator towards a purposeful goal for others and I'm not saying they are wrong. By no means! I might even plan to make a few in the areas of baking, cooking, photography, reading, etc...but in terms of more heart-heavy goals, all I want to focus on is being patient on the Lord. It is only January 7th and already, my faith and trust are being stretched by unforeseen events! The Lord's timing is perfect and sovereign; by me manipulating His plans, I am only creating havoc. I experience indescribable peace when I rest in full Trust, not stressing over how "far behind" or different things are from what I imagined. Only God knows the future and how it will come together and for what purpose! How can I know what open door is awaiting me if I only focus on the closed door I want to go through - pounding my fist & demanding to be let in? My joy dePENDS on my flexibility and openness to God's leading in my life! Resolutions put my year in a box that shuts out unknown possibilities. At the end of 2009, my year will be a "good year" based on my actions, thoughts, words, and attitude, not by the mile markers I devise myself. Perhaps I've just written my resolution, not just for 2009, but for life: Obey God and hold on with everything I've got.


Erika said...

Betsy! These are my thoughts exactly!! Wow. Someone asked me the other day - "what are your new year's resolutions?". I said, I don't have any. I try to live with purpose every year, so I don't think to set goals that I may not achieve. Thanks for sharing. :) Seems I'm not the only one like that. And, I know what you mean about the gym. I went back for the first time on 1/5. People everywhere!! Been praying for ya ;)

Sarah said...

Wow. Great post! Great thoughts!

The Shillings said...

Erika & Sarah - thanks for the encouragement! Glad you share my thoughts on the topic...

Erika - Thanks for the prayers :) Right back at ya ;)