Kitties' Chore!

Hah! I am such a nerd! BUT last night, it hit me what the cats' chore can be!! Killing and eating every spider in our house! All bugs for that matter! Last night, I asked Marzi what he was doing (yes, I talk to my cats, wanna make something of it?) and Eric replied on Marzell's behalf, 'just eating a bug...' and I was like, YES! that's it! That is their job! I think I will intentionally give them a treat each time I see them take care of any unwanted critters to encourage future behavior! (not that they need encouragement...since they are inside-only cats, one of them spotting a spider is like a lion with her prey...it's pretty entertaining actually)
So, it's official - all "members" of our household are part of the family chore list now! Oh how wild and crazy my daily life is... ;)

PS - Isn't it facinating to watch nature in action? Yes, even a cat's pounce on a spider is fun to me....not if it were a bird or a rabbit, though, then my emotions would be too torn...nature is so complicated.


Anonymous said...

want some fun pictures? go to:
but be ready with a tissue box so you can wipe the tears of histerical laughter from your face!!
love ya!

Chris Adams said...

maybe you should get like 20 cats to do all the chores.. haha, NO. because then? you would seriously be a crazy cat lady.

i miss you my sister!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ummm...okay....the thing is that your cuddly, adorable, adult sized "kitties" outweigh the snooper puppy. If you give them an additional 'treat' whenever they do the spider-chore they wouldn't know it's a treat connected to the act of hunting & devouring a spider...cuz getting treats from their softie elterin is business as usual for them.
Giacomo Adamo

The Shillings said...

Bek - that website is indeed hilarious! hah

Chris - YES! I like your idea WAY MUCHO! That would be awesome to have my cats do all the chores! I would be like Cinderella!

"Giacomo" ;) - unless snoopster is weighing less than 12 lbs these days...my cats have him beat on the skinny scale...