Body Sabotage

Ever wonder if your body is against you? Hmm, sounds crazy, but sometimes I do wonder... allow me to illustrate...

Yesterday morning I woke up and started about my morning routine as usual. I took my thyroid medicine (which is what I do the first second I wake up, b/c I have to wait 30 min-1 hr before food consumption, but still need breakfast in before arriving at work) and drank my full water bottle that I keep by my bed (I'm supposed to drink between 2-3 glasses of water with the medicine - kind-of demanding stuff, huh?). I then got up, went to the bathroom and debated whether to go back to bed to cuddle with Eric and snooze for a few or to just get up and finish getting ready. Well fully awake at this point, I decided to turn the alarm off and get up so I could have a few extra min to actually sit down to eat breakfast rather than grabbing on the go. As I reach down to turn my alarm off, I think to myself, 'you know? I never actually remember having heard it go off. I wonder if I'm up a few min early...' Yall, the clock read 4:07 am. FOUR-ZERO-SEVEN. ugh! Under my breath, I mutter, 'oh mi gosh.' and angrily laid back down. It took me a good 15 min to drift back off and when my alarm actually went off at 6:45 am, I can't say I was the happiest camper about the events that transpired 2 hours previously! So I head towards the bathroom to get the shower going and *S-M-U-S-H* My bare foot cuts right through a nice pile of cat throw-up. Same emotional reaction as previous misfortune, only this time stronger, "UGH. OH MI GOSH. GROSS!" as I hobble to grab a tissue to clean it off the floor and then straight into the shower to wash my foot off. Later, Eric saunters into the bathroom and says cheerfully, 'g'morning, sweetie. how'd you sleep?', I could have practically growled at him (not because it was his fault, I was just that cranky). Eric apparently had heard the cat hacking, whatever I stepped in, up earlier and figured he would clean it when he got up. Well when he saw nothing on the floor, he asked innocently, 'hon, did you already get the cat throw up in here?' and I exasperatedly answered, 'yes, my bare FOOT found that this morning, thank you very much!!' He only naturally laughed (b/c I won't lie when I say I've laughed at his occurrence of the same unfortunate event before) and apologized for my minor calamity. Sheesh, what a way to start the day. Did I mention I spilled coffee grounds all over my kitchen floor that morning (including into the cat's food and water bowls)? Good times.

Well this morning, my body was out to trick me again! I woke up sneezing (which happens during ragweed season sometimes). One, two, three, four, five sneezes without let up. I realize I am going to need to blow my nose (gosh, I'm sorry this post is so uninhibited!!) to stop whatever is causing all the sneezing. So I blow my nose and think, well now that I am partially awake, I might as well get up. Then I mentally wised up and was like, 'OH no, you don't! Not another 4 am wake up call! Get back to sleep before you think any more about it!!' and promptly, I did. I still don't know what time that was, but I will say I dreamt between then and my alarm so I am confident I won that tricky battle my body almost played over my mind.

Some days, I feel like I am on alert against myself and I am just suggesting that it's a weird concept.

^So, looking back, I just realized this isn't the first 'morning grumblings' post that I've written and I'm beginning to think I'm not a morning person...that or I tend to have a lot of drama early in my day? I'll have to think about that... perhaps an explanation as to why Eric sleeps late when he can? hah! He's just bypassing the morning phase... ;)^


Anonymous said...

sorry all the calamities, but your thinking back made me laugh. i'm not a morning gal either. now with the new doggie if i get up in the middle of the night, his body must trick him too because he thinks that is time to play & it takes a good 30-45 min til i can convince him it is still time to be sleeping. haha...at least no one called & we're keeping him though. btw, am i missing pics of the new foster kitties? i didn't see them. miss you! xoxo tiff

The Shillings said...

Tiff!! Yaay - so glad you got to keep him! :) I'm sorry, I know I need to get pics of the kitties and my hair up. These new ones we have are crazy! Well one is sweet, but the other thinks our couch is the litter box and I thought Eric was going to drop kick her last night!! Also, she is so skidish, she won't let anyone go near her - she just hides under things. I feel so terrible for her that she is scared, but if she keeps messing on our stuff, Eric is def going to make me give her back to the coordinator!!

Anonymous said...

i'm excited to see everything you post. this is fun! sorry the kitty had to go, hopefully some resolve will help clean your couch! xoxo tiff