Apple Orchards and Leaves

Yesterday I went walking/hiking through an apple orchard in the Brushy Mountains (isolated "spur" of the Blue Ridge Mountains) with my Mom/Dad, hubby, and my favorite little brother, Chris; the scenery was beautiful. I love the vibrant colors on all the autumn leaves and the views are always breathtaking and spectacular! We found some delicious orchard apples to take home and some spicy, sweet apple cider that I can not WAIT to enjoy heated up with a cinnamon stick on a not-so-distant cool evening. YUM!

One conversation my Mom, Eric, and I had while walking around the orchard was about our favorite months and I've decided that mine are October & November. I love the whole season of autumn; October is when we get to experience lots of pumpkins, apples, and when its finally cold enough to see your breath (at least in NC). I love November b/c it is still fall and has Thanksgiving in it. It really kicks off the whole holiday season and I absolutely love the holidays. I love being cozy, being with family, enjoying good food, listening to familiar songs, and celebrating traditions. ;) After all the fun we had yesterday, I'm ready to make a trip to the Brushy Mountains an annual tradition! Homemade apple crisp anyone? How about applesauce? Or apple muffins? Hmm...what else?


Our life.... said...

that orchard sounds awesome!! i too love fall...ready to stop sweating all the time! ha ha

Chris Adams said...

first of all, you didn't mention me in this note. PROBLEM.

second. you like october the best because that's the month that I was born in.

third. love you!

The Shillings said...

1) I don't know what you are talking about - you are right there. Read it again silly man.
2) how did you know
3) love you too!

Tif Evans said...

Wow, that sounds so great! I absolutely love autumn, too, but down here you can't even tell that it IS autumn.